WCTRS Publications

The WCRTS, in partnership with Elsevier, publish two journals, Transport Policy and Case Studies in Transport Research, and a Transportation Book Series.

Transport Policy is an international refereed journal aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in transport. The journal covers the entire transport sector including all modes, and provides independent, original and rigorous analysis to understand policy decisions, monitor their effects, and suggest how they may be improved. Transport Policy Guide for Authors.

Case Studies in Transport Research provides a repository of case studies and empirical material to support teaching, executive training and the illustration of potential measures and interventions in the area of transport policy. Case Studies in Transport Research Guide for Authors.

The WCTRS/Elsevier Transportation Book Series is a co-branded series of books covering the latest research in transportation planning, policy, management, engineering, economics and sustainability. Books in the series take multidisciplinary, multimodal and multisector approaches to these topics, leading the way in bridging transportation research and practice.

More information can be found on the Book Series webpage. Prospective authors should note that only WCTRS Members are eligible to publish books in this series.


WCTRS Members receive free on-line subscriptions to Transport Policy and Case Studies on Transport Policy unless they advise the Secretariat that they do not wish to receive them.