WCTRS and Elsevier Transportation Book Series

About the Series:

The series is a co-branded Transportation partnership book Series between WCTRS and Elsevier. The Series will publish books that focus on the latest research in emerging issues and opportunities in transportation planning, engineering, policy, management, economics and sustainability. Books will take multidisciplinary, multimodal and multisector approaches to the topics, leading the way in bridging the gap between transportation research and practice.

Book Types:

The Series will publish edited collections, sole authored or co-authored books by WCTRS members and SIG members.

Proposal Assessment, Review, and Decision-Making Process:

While any member of the WCTRS can publish a book in this series, book proposals must be submitted by a World Conference Topic Area Manager or Session Track Organiser, or by a Special Interest Group Chair. Any prospective authors should therefore contact the relevant individual in their research area in the first instance.

Following an agreement from the relevant individual, they will then submit the proposal to Füsun Ülengin, the Chair of the WCTRS Editorial Board. If the Editorial Board approves the proposal, it will be submitted to Elsevier for consideration. If Elsevier considers the proposed book to fit with their Transportation program, then it will undergo a referee process and, if the reviews are favourable, will enter into an agreement directly with the author/editor. From the submission to Elsevier, the review and acceptance period is usually around 1 month.

Book Series Proposal Guidelines

Production and Distribution:

Once the book proposal is approved, Elsevier will manage the writing and development of the manuscript. Elsevier is responsible for all costs of production and distribution of the Books and all aspects of promotion, production and distribution of the Books, including title, pricing, and advertising of the books, and cover design. Books will be published in print and electronic formats, and the cover will state that the publication is a joint effort between WCTRS and Elsevier.

Once the manuscript is completed, Elsevier will publish the book within 6 months. Elsevier will be responsible for fulfilment of all orders sold directly by Elsevier, and books will be hosted on Elsevier’s ScienceDirect. All books will be indexed in Scopus.


Elsevier will pay the individual lead author a net royalty of 10% on sales on each title. Elsevier will also pay WCTRS a net royalty of 5% on sales of each title.

Elsevier will give each lead author 3 print copies and 1 electronic copy of each book and each contributor  1 electronic copy of each book, free of charge and for personal use, not resale.


Füsun Ülengin, Chair of the WCTRS Editorial Board – to submit proposals

Katy Eryilmaz, Acquisitions Editor, Elsevier- to contact Elsevier about the book series

Previously Published Titles of the Series

Global Practices on Road Traffic Signal Control 
by Keshuang Tang, Manfred Boltze, Hideki Nakamura, Zong Tian
Paperback ISBN: 9780128153024

Intermodal Freight Transportation
by Vasco Reis, Rosario Macario
Paperback ISBN: 9780128144640

Urban Freight Transportation Systems
edited by Ralf Elbert, Christian Friedrich, Manfred Boltze, Hans-Christian Pfohl
Paperback ISBN: 9780128173626

Freight Transport Modeling in Emerging Countries
edited by Ioanna Kourounioti, Lorant Tavasszy, Hanno Friedrich
Paperback ISBN: 9780128212684