Detailed Terms and Conditions for WCTRS-Y

WCTRS-Y: activities for young members of the World Conference on Transport Research Society

The “Young Researchers’ Initiative” was created before the Rio conference in 2013. “Young Researcher” includes those under 35 years of age on the first day of the conference (Mumbai: May 26, 2019) and also early career researchers, i.e. researchers who completed their PhD less than four years prior to the first day of the conference.

The initiative includes three activities:

  • Activity YI: one day mini conference by and for young members. The conference takes place the day before the first day of the WCTR (Mumbai: May 26, 2019). The last one in Shanghai was attended by 92 people.
  • Activity YII: PhD students’ grants. A total of five grants so far, including one Innovation Grant and four Prestige Grants.
  • Activity YIII: Young Online Facility: setting up and managing a website and a newsletter.

WCTRS-Y activities are run under the WCTRS Steering Committee (STC) and coordinated by a member of the STC (WCTRS-Y leader*).

Eligibility conditions for joining WCTRS-Y activities

General conditions for application/participation in one, or more, of the three activities:

1. Fully paid members of the World Conference on Transport Research Society

2. Age < 35 years on May 26, 2019, before the opening day of WCTR-15 in Mumbai, or having completed their PhD no more than four years prior to this date.

Additional “activity-specific” eligibility conditions:

1. For Activities Y-I & Y-III: Post Graduates in transportation, Post Doctors in transportation or full time researchers in transport research institutions, laboratories or universities, at least until May 26, 2019.

2. For Activity Y-II: University Postgraduates registered for PhD in transportation at least until May 26, 2019.

Conditions for eligibility of receiving: a) payment of the Honoraria of the volunteers in Y-I and Y-III and b) payment of the grants of Y-II; are stated below for each case separately.

Activity Y-I: Conference WCTR-Y, deadline for application February 28, 2018

Aim: young/early career members of WCTRS get acquainted to conference organisation, meet colleagues, learn from their seniors, attend the fifteenth world conference (WCTR-15) in Mumbai and enjoy benefits from society membership.

WCTR-Y is to be run entirely by young researchers under the guidance of WCTRS Steering Committee (STC).

The conference generally follows the following pattern (other details can be announced later):

  • Sunday May 26, 2019 before the start of WCTR-15; closing before the welcome cocktail on the same day.
  • One theme/ One room/ No parallel sessions.
  • Four sessions with a total of 12 to 16 papers.
  • Participants: 30 to 120+; depending on confirmed registration of young researchers to attend the main WCTR in Mumbai.
  • Theme: young researchers propose three themes and STC approves one.

Main principles and operating rules are:

  • Two volunteer Advisors from the Steering Committee (STC) guide the event.  Their names to be decided by STC depending on the subject area of the approved theme and their time availability.
  • The process is to be managed entirely by three young researchers: there is a Conference Chair and two Conference Organising Volunteers.
  • Paper referees and sessions’ chairs are selected by the conference chair and the two organising volunteers among young researchers.
  • The conference chair and the two organising volunteers take charge of the process: call for papers, choice of referees, programme, etc., guided by the two Advisors.
  • To ensure the quality of papers, Advisors approve the refereeing results.
  • Some time is allocated to Advisors and the WCTRS-Y Leader in the closing session to give advice on the performance of the conference chair, the organisers and the session chairs and their assessment of the event.
  • Conference chair and organising volunteers (supported by the session chairs) write short summary report on the event. The conference chair may be asked to present this summary report in the closing ceremony of WCTR-15 Mumbai.
  • Upon recommendation of Advisors, high quality papers can be eligible for Prizes offered in WCTR through the Prize Sub-Committee Chair and for journal publication through the Vice Chair of the Scientific Committee for Publications, according to the respective rules for each case.
  • Other rules may be announced later if the need arises.
  • The event will be run under the overall coordination of the WCTRS-Y leader.

Registration and Honoraria for the volunteers:

  • There is no registration fee for attending “WCTR-Y”.
  • Registration to WCTR-15 Mumbai is compulsory for participating in WCTR-Y.
  • WCTRS offers compensation honoraria of 1500 USD per person to the Conference chair and each of the two conference organising volunteers, to be paid after the conduction of “WCTR-Y”, based on recommendation from the WCTRS-Y leader.
  • Honoraria payment conditions: full registration in Mumbai WCTR 2019, attendance of WCTR-Y and recommendation of leader. In cases when these conditions are not satisfied, this payment shall be declined.

Activity Y-II: WCTRS PhD Students’ Grants, deadline for application February 28, 2018

Aim: to inspire PhD students to compete for further transport research, to be stimulated to submit papers for WCTR-15, Mumbai 2019, and to enjoy benefits from society membership.

Types and number of grants:

  • One WCTRS Innovation Grant, 5000 USD.
  • Four WCTRS Prestige Grants, each 3000 USD.

Transport Research topics of the grants are to be proposed by the applicants and approved by STC. Topics related to the applicants PhD thesis are allowed but not obligatory. Therefore, the grant can be used either to support work on the student’s PhD or for unrelated research which can be completed without distracting from the PhD work.

The grants are supplementary, i.e. additional incentive from the WCTRS offered to the winning PhD students who are already registered for the degree in universities and could be receiving finance from other source(s).

Main principles and operating rules are:

  • Each proposal will be peer reviewed by three referees selected by the STC.
  • The best proposal will be granted the “Innovation Grant”, while the three proposals next to the best will be granted the “Prestige Grants”.
  • In cases of proposals with equal merit, priority in awarding the grants will be given to the younger applicant.
  • In case no satisfactory proposals are submitted, the STC can withhold awarding the grant(s).

Conditions of payment to grant holders:

  • Down payment: 30% of the grant amount upon official awarding by the STC.
  • Conditioned final payment: 70% of the grant amount after official acceptance of a paper, single authored by the grant holder, based on the research topic of the grant, in WCTR-15, Mumbai 2019, and registration and attendance of the grant holder, personally, of the conference. In cases when any of these conditions is not satisfied, this payment instalment shall be declined.
  • The five grants’ research papers are to be presented in a Special Session in WCTR-15 (not in any of the other sessions of the conference), subject to the rules of organising the Special Sessions set out by the Scientific Committee of the conference.
  • High quality papers based on the grants can be eligible to prizes offered in WCTR through the Prize Sub-Committee Chair, and for journal publication through the Vice Chair of the Scientific Committee for Publications; according to the respective rules for each case.

Activity Y-III: WCTRS Young Online Facility, deadline for application February 28, 2018

Aim: offering online facility for young members of WCTRS through the website of the society as additional benefit of membership, as for example:

  • Advertising Post-Doctoral positions from universities worldwide.
  • Avertising jobs for young researchers in transport research institutions.
  • Establishing Facebook (or Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., mailing groups) to facilitate exchange of knowledge and discussions on transport research.
  • Etc., as the young members themselves propose.

Two young members of WCTRS volunteering to run this activity, to be approved by the STC.

WCTRS offers a total of 1000 USD as honoraria for the two volunteers (each will receive 500 USD) to compensate for the time.

WCTRS Secretariat shall give support to the volunteers.

Honoraria payment conditions:

  • Full registration in WCTR-15 Mumbai 2019 and attendance of the conference. In cases when this condition is not satisfied this payment shall be declined.
  • The Online Facility should be fully operational, and satisfactory, on two milestone dates before WCTR-15 Mumbai 2019.
  • Recommendations from an STC member (or a WCTRS member appointed by STC) who shall volunteer to supervise this activity and from the WCTRS-Y leader.


*Professor Ali Huzayyin, Cairo University, was the leader from 2013 – 2017 (Editions 1 and 2).  Professor Laetitia Dablanc, University of Paris-East, is the current leader (Edition 3).