Transport Policy

The official journal of the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS)

Transport Policy is an international refereed journal aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in transport. Its subject areas reflect the concerns of policymakers in government, industry, voluntary organisations and the public at large, providing independent, original and rigorous analysis to understand how policy decisions have been taken, monitor their effects, and suggest how they may be improved.

The journal covers the entire transport sector including all modes: land, sea and air; public and private; motorised and non-motorised; passenger and freight, including transport in the context of related sectors such as energy, housing, industry and planning. Policy concerns in transport are wide and cover safety, efficiency, economic development, local and global environmental impacts, energy, land-use, equity and access.

Papers are welcome which advance the methods informing policy as well as those which provide an analysis of policies themselves, but papers are expected to have clear policy relevance. Papers are also welcomed which focus on understanding the nature and influences affecting policy change, including technical, attitudinal, institutional, structural and political constraints, including those which provide a comparative analysis. Papers that focus entirely on individual case studies are more appropriate for our sister journal Case Studies in Transport Policy.

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