Prizes Sub-Committee

Recognising the contributions to knowledge and practice of Transport Research has been given a prominent place in the WCTR series, and the Awards Ceremony at the end of each conference and subsequent publishing of Proceedings is an important part of the scientific activities of the WCTRS.  This recognition is the main duty of a Prizes Sub- Committee, specifically formed by the Society.

Prize winners are selected by a Prizes Sub-Committee, made up of members selected by the WCTRS Scientific Committee, who represent a broad spectrum of the WCTR Society’s geographic, academic and professional membership.  The criteria for selection of prizes is based on originality, scientific merits, clarity and practical importance.

Recognition of research quality at the WCTR in Shanghai 2016

The Prizes Sub-Committee is made up of the Vice-Chair of Prizes (President), the eight Topic Area Managers (TAMs), the President of the Society, the Chair of the Scientific Committee, the President of the Local Organising Committee, the Poster Session Manager and a representative of Cairo University, (an agency that provides the funds for one of the prizes).

In the Shanghai Conference, the Society assigned  six monetary prizes and eight non-monetary awards. The prizes are:

  • The Jules Dupuit Prize is awarded to a person whose scientific and professional career has been of distinguished benefit to the transportation community
  • The WCTRS Grand Prize for the best paper in the conference
  • The WCTRS Young Researcher Prize for the best paper in the conference presented by a researcher under the age of 35
  • The WCTRS Best Poster Prize for the best paper in the conference presented by means of a poster
  • The WCTRS Cairo University Prize, for best paper in developing countries
  • The WCTRS Transport Policy Prize for the most influential paper published in the Society’s Journal Transport Policy in the previous three years

The awards will correspond to the Best Paper of the Conference in each of the eight Topic Areas (from both oral and poster sessions):

  1. Transport Modes: General;
  2. Freight Transport and Logistics;
  3. Traffic Management, Operations and Control;
  4. Activity and Transport Demand;
  5. Transport Economics and Finance;
  6. Transport, Land Use and Sustainability;
  7. Transport Planning and Policy;
  8. Transport in Developing and Emerging Countries.

Taking advantage of the rigorous process of selection within each of the eight streams, the Prizes Sub-Committee relied on the work of eight Area Committees (AC), where each TAM managed the selection procedure in his/her area, with the help of Session Track Organisers.  Their task was to identify the best papers and submit the best (three or more) to the Prizes Sub-Committee with a founded recommendation in open form for decision on all prizes and awards. The papers will be pre-analysed before the conference by the Prize Committee for overall consistency, comparability and merit, and during the conference, they will meet early to verify general details regarding prizes coverage, to decide on the final list and to assign observers to the corresponding oral and poster sessions. After deliberation, the Prizes Sub- Committee submitted its recommendation to the Steering Committee for a final decision.

Sergio Jara-Diaz

September 2016