Topic Area E: Transport Economics and Finance

This Topic Area deals with key aspects of evaluation, pricing, financing, and economic regulation. Under this topic, the private and social costs and benefits of transport systems (infrastructure and services) are appraised, based on consistent economic criteria. It also helps to understand the roles of each level of government, and develop policy and regulatory proposals, including the issues of pricing, private and public finance and investment choices. This area is concerned with all modes of transport and all types of demand and supply settings.


SIG E1 – Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation


  • Provide a platform to exchange ideas, theories, methods used in Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation through conferences, workshops, symposia, meetings, etc
  • Organize and manage Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation sessions at WCTRS World Conferences
  • Break the trend of business as usual scenarios in transport investment decisions in a way to reduce the imbalances among the transportation models and guide the decision makers in their way to obtain sustainable transportation systems
  • Establish communication between researchers and policy makers regarding Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation


The Special Interest Group on Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation (SIG E1) was planned to be initiated at the WCTR Scientific and Steering Committee meeting in Lyon, 2014. SIG E1 was officially launched on August 2014 with 24 core members.


Current:  Call for papers for the 1st Workshop on Value and Competitiveness in Logistics:  12 June 2018, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The workshop will focus on papers with different approaches related to the competitiveness of transportation and logistics at the national/regional, industry, and firm levels of analysis.  Researchers are invited  to submit papers, or extended abstracts (not more than 2000 words).  Participation in the workshop is free of charge, but registration is required.  Further information is available here.


  • ‘Transport Investments Benchmarking Workshop’ at Sabanci University in 2015 is currently being organised
  • The Special Issues at RETREC and Transport Policy have now been confirmed for the WCTRS 2016 Shanghai conference
  • As the SIG is newly formed there are no SI activities
  • We are pleased to confirm the website for SIG E1 is now active at


SIG E1 is Chaired by Füsun Ulengin of Sabanci University, Turkey and Co-chaired by Özay ÖZAYDIN of Dogus University, Turkey.


To join this Special Interest Group, please contact Georgina Santos

Chair:  Füsun Ülengin
Sabanci University, Orta Mahalle, Tuzla 34956 Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 216 483 90 00  /  Fax: +90 216 493 90 05

Co-chair:  Özay Özaydin
Dogus University, Zeamet Caddesi, Acibadem 34722 Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 216 444 79 97  /  Fax: +90 216 544 55 35


(The full membership list for this SIG is maintained by the SIG Chair/Co-chair)


SIG E2 Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation


The SIG E2 Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation aims at creating a worldwide forum with ongoing activities between the conferences, focusing on the key aspects of economic evaluation, efficient pricing and taxation, financing, and economic regulation in the transport sector (all modes are concerned).

In addition, the SIG E2 addresses problems related to large fixed costs and economies of scale, externalities and imperfect information, plus additional constraints due to political considerations, regulatory mechanisms, unbundling, market access, essential facilities regulation, independent regulators, etc.


SIG E2 “Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation” is to be formed from Session Track E2 of the Conference and former SIG E3 “Transport Economics and Regulation” (which, together, have currently 127 members). New members are welcome, particularly through recent and planned events in 2017-2018 (see below).


Previous Activities (in the past 6 years):

What:  Workshop on “Procurement design of local public transport services”.
Where:  Sapienza Università di Roma, Department of Computer Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti, Via Ariosto 25, Roma (ITALY),  Aula Magna, 1st Floor
When:  15-16 November 2018
Further info:  For further info, please click here


What:  SIG E2 Workshop on “Transport Pricing and Regulation” , Lyon, 26 July 2018

Under the responsibility of Georgina Santos, Marco Ponti and Charles Raux (co-chairs of SIG E2), this workshop offered a unique opportunity to bring together researchers in the area of transport pricing and regulation, and to stimulate an exchange of ideas.

Where: Lyon (France) 
When:  26-27th July 2018.
Further info:  For further info, please click here


What: Workshop on the topic of Long-Distance Passengers Market
TRASPOL, the Laboratory of Transport Policies of Milan Politecnico, has organised a workshop on the topic of long-distance passengers market. The topics include the economic regulation of long-distance markets, the measure of the effects of liberalisation and the potential impacts of the most recent innovations in the sector.
Where: Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Milan Politecnico University, MILANO, Italy
When: 29 September 2017.  Further info: details are available at

  • Special session during the 2013 WCTRS Conference in Rio de Janeiro
  • Two international surveys (concluded) on highways and railways economic regulation. The surveys involved twenty countries and analysed all relevant aspects of regulation in a comparative perspective. The main results were discussed during WCTRS 2013 (highways) and SIET Conference in 2014 (rail). Further presentations will take place
  • A Transport Policy special issue on “Economic regulation of transport infrastructures” (guest edited by Marco Ponti and Paolo Beria) was published in 2015 (Volume 41), including eleven selected papers
  • Marco Ponti is a member of the Advisory Board of the Italian Transport Authority since June 2014
  • The Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management (JRTPM) will publish a special issue of selected papers on rail regulation of the WCTR Conference in Shanghai 2016
  • The SIG website is available at


Membership is open to scholars, public regulators, regulated companies and actual or potential “new entrants”. To join this Special Interest Group, please contact Georgina Santos

Contact (co-chairs)

Marco Ponti
Politecnico di Milano

Georgina Santos
Cardiff University


(The full membership list for this SIG is maintained by the SIG Chair/Co-chair)