Organisational Membership

In 2016, the Society introduced two levels of Organisational Memberships. Details are as follows:

A.    Research Organisational Members (ROMs)

Fees:  Equal to 8 individual memberships at developed or developing country rate
Eligibility: Research Organisations and Universities (not for profit organisations)
Timing:  The secretariat will invite appropriate organisations to become organisational members after each conference, and charge them the difference between the current ROM fee and the individual memberships already paid

  • Name to be listed under ‘Organisational Members’ on WCTRS website
  • Opportunity for the Organisation to nominate up to 10 persons as members
  • Nominated persons will enjoy same privileges as individual members.

B.     Supporting Organisational Members (SOMs)

Fees:  $3,000 for a three year subscription
Eligibility:  All institutions and organisations

  • SOM name to be listed under ‘Supporting Organisational Members’ on the WCTRS website
  • SOMs can nominate up to 2 persons as members, each of whom will enjoy the same privileges as regular members
  • SOMs will have the option of displaying their logos on the WCTR website and on WCTRS conference material
  • SOMs are eligible for a free booth at the WCTRS Conference
  • SOMs are entitled to sponsor Named Bursaries at $1,000 per bursary, or to support a SIG activity


List of Current Organisational Members (December 2017):

 Research Organisational Members      

 Supporting Organisational Members

IFSTTAR France  Central Nippon Expressway Co Ltd (Nexco)
 i-LISTT The University of Northampton  East Japan Railway Company
Technische Universitat Darmstadt  Japan Expressway International Co Ltd
 Nippon Koei Ltd
 Sabanci University School of Management
 Tekken Corporation
 Tongji University


To apply for Organisational Membership, please complete the application form here, or contact the Secretariat office below.


WCTRS President:  Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi

Jennie Stones – WCTRS Secretariat (
Institute for Transport Studies
34-40 University Road
University of Leeds
LEEDS      LS2 9JT