Canada and the U.S. CARs

Membership Management Sub-Committee Chair for Canada USA:

Samer Madanat ( University of California) 

Catherine Morency, Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering Departement, Polytechnique Montréal


Catherine Morency

Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering Departement, Polytechnique Montréal

Catherine Morency is associate professor at the civil, geological and mining engineering departement at Polytechnique Montréal. Since 2010, she is head of the Mobilite research Chair on the implementation of sustainability in transportation. She conducts researches on topics such as travel behaviour analysis, mode choice, transport survey methods, travel demand forecasting, sustainability indicators and processing and visualisation of large-scale databases (GPS, smart cards, etc.). Her researches include all modes of travel including active and emerging modes such as carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing or taxi.

Jonathan L. Gifford, School of Public Policy, George Mason University

East U.S.

Jonathan L. Gifford

School of Public Policy, George Mason University

Jonathan L. Gifford is Associate Dean for Research in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University, and the director of the Master’s in Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics program . Dr. Gifford’s primary area of expertise is transportation and public policy, with a particular focus on transportation and land use. His recent research investigates transportation finance and the role of public private partnerships, and behavioral considerations in transportation planning.

Samer Madanat, University of California at Berkeley

West U.S.

Samer Madanat

University of California at Berkeley

Samer Madanat is the Xenel Distinguished Professor in the Department of Civil Environmental Engineering, and the Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.

His research and teaching interests are in the area of Transportation and Infrastructure Management, with an emphasis on modeling facility performance, the development of optimal management policies under uncertainty, and the integration of sustainability considerations in the transportation management process. He has published extensively in refereed archival journals and conference proceedings.