Establishing the WCTRS COVID-19 TASKFORCE

The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) has formed a Task Force of leading academics and experts in the field of transport and logistics (TLOG) (including tourism). This Task Force aims to formulate constructive recommendations on ways to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis to improve the social impacts of the response whilst minimizing damages to the TLOG sector. It will do this by pooling research and expertise in the field and by outlining research projects to be launched for international research programs.

First, we have developed an action plan for this Task Force. We plan to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 and how/what our society has responded to this pandemic, to examine the effects of the various during-pandemic measures, and to suggest how to improve the ongoing practices. We will also recommend how to best adapt and learn to generalize the findings from the above to tackle other public health threats in the future.

Second, considering the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have prepared an “Appeal” for support for the TLOG sector, by emphasizing major risks as well as measures/actions for considerations to policy makers in governments, international organizations, industries, and NGO/NPO.

Third, considering the role of the TLOG sector in the whole economy, we have also put forward some principles to inform the allocation of fiscal and monetary stimulus funds to the TLOG sector, including airlines, airports, urban transit, shipping, ports, logistics and supply chain services, transport infrastructure, and so on.

Fourth, we have designed a questionnaire survey to the TLOG experts all over the world for collecting evidence on the ongoing measures and how to improve the current practices and future responses. We are hosting a database of existing international research studies which we will update over time.

Finally, we recognize that more will still need to be done. We are reaching out to experts across the WCTRS but welcome contributions from beyond the society to inform our thinking.


April 2020

Prof. Tae Oum, President of WCTRS