WCTRS Research Newsletter September 2021

The September 2021 World Conference on Transport Research Society Research Newsletter is now available. This edition includes updates on the activities done by SIG B3; a research article titled ‘Putting the public back into public transport – the impact of Covid-19’; details on the WCTRS – Panamerican Country and Area Representative council; information about an upcoming Online Course – ‘Introduction to Road Safety Audits’ – 9 –11 October 2021; and a report on the International Webinar on “Church Street First – Impact Assessment of Pedestrianizing an Urban Street in terms of Quality of Life” co-hosted by SIG H2.

WCTRS Research Newsletter- Volume 1, Issue 8, September 2021 (Word Document)


New dates for WCTR Montréal: Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023

We would like to inform you that the Montréal World Conference on Transport Research has been postponed from July 2022 to Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023. This difficult decision was taken due to the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic will be fully controlled across the world by spring 2022, and the Society’s desire to ensure, as far as possible, that all scholars have the opportunity to attend the conference and participate in the global exchange of research. The Conference will still take place at the Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Canada, and further information about the call for papers will be announced in due course.

WCTRS is working hard to ensure that we maximise global scientific exchange before we can meet in Montreal. We have decided to hold a virtual event which will be put together in conjunction with our Special Interest Groups on 25th-29th July 2022 and further details on this will be shared in the autumn. We are currently aiming to host a President’s reception at TRB 2022 and hope to see as many of our members and friends there as are able to travel. Further details on the venue will also follow in the autumn.

Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation.

Prof. Tae Oum, WCTRS President

Prof. Lori Tavasszy, WCTRS Scientific Committee Chair

Prof. Greg Marsden, WCTRS Secretary General

Prof. Catherine Morency, WCTRS Montréal Conference Chair

Recommendations on COVID-19 Policy Decisions

The President and the COVID-19 Task Force

The WCTR Society’s Covid-19 Task Force has formulated a five-point recommendations for policy makers who are responsible for deciding when to end the Covid-19 lockdown period, and to those who are responsible for allocating nearly $12 trillion (worldwide) fiscal/monetary stimulus funds including central bankers.

We give clear reasons why the socially optimal lockdown period is longer than what citizens and business communities want.  Further, the decision on when to end the lockdown should be made by state/province instead of choosing a uniform lockdown period by a country.  If it is possible to control people movement across boundary, it is also, preferable to choose lockdown period by each city or county.

The remaining four recommendations focus on Transport and Logistics sector organization, including aviation and urban transit, in preparation for the post-lockdown period.  For the full 3-page recommendations, please click WCTR Society Recommendations on COVID-19 Policy Decisions.


New Covid-19 Transport Research Database

As part of a series of activities to promote the sharing of research and practical understanding of travel behaviour responses, industry and government strategies and the resultant social, environmental and economic impacts, WCTRS is pleased to host a database of studies being conducted globally on this topic. You can now download the first iteration of the database of submitted studies. This database will grow over time and be updated. If you have a study to be added then please email the WCTRS Secretary.

If you have suggestions for specific fields of information we can hold as we improve the database to make it more useful then please also get in touch. The database is open for all academic, government, consultant and charitable foundation funded work.

WCTRS Repository for Research Related to COVID-19 (Public) Excel File