Expert Survey on the Impacts of COVID-19 and Measures in the Transport Sector

This expert survey is a part of the activities of the WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force, established in April 2020. This survey aims to first clarify the impacts of COVID-19 (or novel coronavirus) and urgent issues and then to investigate effective measures in fields of transport and logistics, and urban and regional planning, etc.

This is just a preliminary survey. Based on the survey results, we plan to have a follow-up survey. So, if possible, at the end of the survey, please tell us your e-mail address. If you feel inconvenient to report the e-mail, please just answer the questionnaire and submit it.

There are some questions about your perceptions and opinions and your careful answers are highly appreciated. Because of its urgency, we appreciate your kind professional cooperation and if possible, we would like to ask you to reply within 3 days after receiving this survey request.

Expert Survey on the Impacts of COVID-19



1) Junyi Zhang, Co-Chair of WCTRS COVID-TF

2) Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi , Chair of WCTRS COVID-TF