COVID-19 Task Force Action Plan

Step 1) EXPERT SURVEY on the WCTRS Website <April 2020>

Link to Expert survey sent out in April 2020

Associations Experts participated in the survey
China transport groups 63
TRB 55
Japan transport group 20
South Korea transport groups 16
Grand total 284


Step 2) A full report on the Expert Survey: released via Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Transport Sector and Measures as Well as Recommendations of Policies and Future Research: Analyses Based on a World-Wide Expert Survey

Step 3) Reports from major countries and about major topics <July – September 2020>

WCTRS Covid-19 Task Force Publications

Step 4) Special Issue (SI) series of WCTRS official journal “Transport Policy” and other journals

Currently, the following two special issues have been released.

Country/region coordinators and topic coordinators of Task Force members are also welcome to organize special issues in other journals.

Step 5) “Evidence-based Recommendations from WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force” <forthcoming>

The Task Force will prepare this soon after available: to be sent to governments and international organizations for immediate use. The first set is expected, as early as possible by the end of 2020) and other recommendations will also be released, as soon as possible, when available.

Step 6) Handbook as a volume of Elsevier WCTRS Book Series <to be published by Summer 2022>

Handbook of Impacts of COVID-19 and The Policies in Transport (under review)