Recommendations on COVID-19 Policy Decisions

The President and the COVID-19 Task Force

The WCTR Society’s Covid-19 Task Force has formulated a five-point recommendations for policy makers who are responsible for deciding when to end the Covid-19 lockdown period, and to those who are responsible for allocating nearly $12 trillion (worldwide) fiscal/monetary stimulus funds including central bankers.

We give clear reasons why the socially optimal lockdown period is longer than what citizens and business communities want.  Further, the decision on when to end the lockdown should be made by state/province instead of choosing a uniform lockdown period by a country.  If it is possible to control people movement across boundary, it is also, preferable to choose lockdown period by each city or county.

The remaining four recommendations focus on Transport and Logistics sector organization, including aviation and urban transit, in preparation for the post-lockdown period.  For the full 3-page recommendations, please click WCTR Society Recommendations on COVID-19 Policy Decisions.


Establishing the WCTRS COVID-19 TASKFORCE

The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) has formed a Task Force of leading academics and experts in the field of transport and logistics (TLOG) (including tourism). This Task Force aims to formulate constructive recommendations on ways to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis to improve the social impacts of the response whilst minimizing damages to the TLOG sector. It will do this by pooling research and expertise in the field and by outlining research projects to be launched for international research programs.

First, we have developed an action plan for this Task Force. We plan to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 and how/what our society has responded to this pandemic, to examine the effects of the various during-pandemic measures, and to suggest how to improve the ongoing practices. We will also recommend how to best adapt and learn to generalize the findings from the above to tackle other public health threats in the future.

Second, considering the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have prepared an “Appeal” for support for the TLOG sector, by emphasizing major risks as well as measures/actions for considerations to policy makers in governments, international organizations, industries, and NGO/NPO.

Third, considering the role of the TLOG sector in the whole economy, we have also put forward some principles to inform the allocation of fiscal and monetary stimulus funds to the TLOG sector, including airlines, airports, urban transit, shipping, ports, logistics and supply chain services, transport infrastructure, and so on.

Fourth, we have designed a questionnaire survey to the TLOG experts all over the world for collecting evidence on the ongoing measures and how to improve the current practices and future responses. We are hosting a database of existing international research studies which we will update over time.

Finally, we recognize that more will still need to be done. We are reaching out to experts across the WCTRS but welcome contributions from beyond the society to inform our thinking.


April 2020

Prof. Tae Oum, President of WCTRS

New Covid-19 Transport Research Database

As part of a series of activities to promote the sharing of research and practical understanding of travel behaviour responses, industry and government strategies and the resultant social, environmental and economic impacts, WCTRS is pleased to host a database of studies being conducted globally on this topic. You can now download the first iteration of the database of submitted studies. This database will grow over time and be updated. If you have a study to be added then please email the WCTRS Secretary.

If you have suggestions for specific fields of information we can hold as we improve the database to make it more useful then please also get in touch. The database is open for all academic, government, consultant and charitable foundation funded work.

WCTRS Repository for Research Related to COVID-19 (Public) Excel File

30 May 2020: Extended Deadline for Expression of Interest to Bid for Hosting WCTR 2025, owing to the current global situation

The Site Selection Sub Committee (SSSC) of WCTRS acknowledges that COVID-19 epidemic has forced countries to sustain the application of strict measures leading to serious restrictions on normal interaction among individuals and entities. Among the many impacts, is the cancellation of conferences during 2020. However, as WCTRS begins the long process of Site Selection of a WCTR Host institution five years in advance, the initial and other proceeding steps for selection of WCTR 2025 Host are maintained. Acknowledging the above, and although the Expression of Interest (EOI) to Bid to Host WCTR-17 in 2025, only requires the firm commitment by an academic institution representative to later submit a complete Bid to Host 2025 WCTR, SSSC feels that still further time might be required to allow potential applicants to discuss with colleagues and local stakeholders, before submission of the EOI. Accordingly, the SSSC announces 30th May 2020 as the new Extended Deadline for receiving the EOI Form. The detailed requirements to continue the bidding process after May 2020 will be documented in the “Invitation to Bid for Hosting WCTR 2025” including Site Selection Criteria, the Steps in the Site Selection Process, the related Timeline,…., and dynamically considering the evolution of the global situation. The Invitation shall be posted on the WCTRS Website after receiving the EOIs.

WCTRS2025 EOI Form

Expression of Interest to Bid to Host WCTR-17, 2025

Entities interested to respond to the Invitation for Bids to Host WCTR-17, in 2025 that will be posted on the WCTRS Website in due course, are kindly requested to complete and sign the EOI Form below, save in [ pdf ] file, and send by e-mail, no later than 30th May 2020, to the Chair of the Site Selection Sub-Committee (SSSC) of WCTRS, Professor Ali Huzayyin (, with cc to WCTRS Secretariat (


WCTRS News Briefing No 2  –  April 2020

WCTRS News Briefing No 2-  April 2020

The latest News Briefing is now available in the General Member area of the website and includes the following:

  • The Extension of the Deadline for Expressions of Interest to Host WCTRS2025;
  • New Repository of Transport Research Relating to COVID-19;
  • A call for papers for a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) of Transport Policy;
  • A Call for papers for the Second Bridging Transport Researchers (BTR) online conference;
  • A reminder of the Society and WCTRY social media details;
  • Dates for your Diary.

Members can click here to log in to the General Member area and access this using their usual log in name and password.

Please note, the Secretariat is unable to answer queries regarding publication in journals or special issues. Our Editorial Teams are currently working on this and an update will be circulated when available. Thank you.

Call for Papers for Special Virtual Issue of ‘Transport Policy’ Journal: “Transport Policy in Post COVID-19 World”

Transport Policy has issued a call for papers for a Special Virtual Issue titled “Transport Policy in Post COVID-19 World”. Potential contributors are asked to submit an abstract of up to 1000 words to the guest editor Ashish Verma, Ph.D. on or before 31st May 2020, with full papers to be submitted on or before 31st July 2020.

Further information on the call can be found at the Elsevier Website.

WCTRS News Briefing No 1  –  February 2020

WCTRS News Briefing No 1  –  February 2020

The latest News Briefing is now available in the General Member area of the website and includes the following:

  • A call for suggestions for a new Governance and Decision-making SIG webinar series;
  • A call for papers for a special issue of Transport Research Part D: Transport and Environment;
  • A three-day course on automobile independence in Lund, Sweden in May;
  • Upcoming specialisation courses at C-MAT, University of Antwerp
  • A reminder of the Society and WCTRY social media details;
  • Dates for your Diary.

Members can click here to log in to the General Member area and access this using their usual log in name and password.

Please note, the Secretariat is unable to answer queries regarding publication in journals or special issues. Our Editorial Teams are currently working on this and an update will be circulated when available. Thank you.

Special Interest Group (SIG) G3 – Special Sessions at TISRoma 2019

What:              WCTR SIG G3 organised two special sessions during the TISRoma 2019 Congress organised by the AIIT (Italian Association for Traffic and Transport Engineering). The sessions were chaired by Maria Attard (University of Malta – SIG G3 co-chair) and Michela Le Pira (University of Catania – TISRoma organising committee member). A total of 11 papers were presented from a number of countries. The proceedings of the special sessions will be published in a Special Issue of the Journal Research in Transportation Business and Management, published by Elsevier.  

Please click the link below to hear the introduction from Maria Attard.

07 Maria Attard



Save the Date!

The 16th World Conference on Transport Research will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from 24 to 28 July 2022

Local Organiser:

Interuniversity Research Centre on Entreprise Networks, Logistics and Transport

15th World Conference on Transport Research

The Closing Ceremony for the 15th World Conference on Transportation Research at IITB Bombay, Mumbai, India has now ended

Outcomes from the conference, including general proceedings etc will be available soon in the member area of the website.

Congratulations must go to everyone involved in helping deliver such a wonderful, interesting and inspiring event, and in particular, to our fantastic hosts and Conference Directorate Team, headed by Professor K V Krishna Rao.

Further outcomes from the conference will be added soon, but in the meantime, please click on the link below to see the presentation slides from the Closing Ceremony, which include:

  • an overview of the key scientific findings;

  • details of Awards, Prizes and Bursaries presented;

  • And…….. an announcement on the on the destination for the 16th World Conference.  We hope to see you there!

WCTRS Closing Ceremony Slides Mumbai 30 May 2019


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