The Society is delighted to announce that with effect from 2016, there will be three levels of membership, which will include two types of Organisational Members.  Details are as follows:

1.     Individual Member

All academics, experts and interested individuals are welcome to take part in the Society activities. To do so, you are invited to apply to be an individual member. A Country or Area Representative (CAR) has been appointed for each area and country. He or she works as a liaison with the WCTR society, and is here to help you to become a member and to obtain all the information needed on membership benefits. You can find your representative on each region’s webpage (on the right).

Membership is generally for a three-year period and runs from one World Conference on Transport Research to the following Conference. 

Everyone who registers to attend a WCTR conference will automatically become a member of the Society.  If you are unable to attend a conference but would like to become a member, or wish to renew your membership, please
 download and complete the application form below and return it to the WCTRS Secretariat. Once your payment has been received you will receive an electronic confirmation of your application.

Current members are invited to update their personal details as input to the on-line Directory. Members can also keep their information updated by clicking on their User Profile, making the necessary changes and clicking ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of membership

Each individual member is entitled to the following sources of interest and benefits: 

  • Access to a truly international network of transport academics and practitioners, which is the only such worldwide network, with over 1350 (December 2016) experts interested in transport research, representing over 80 countries
  • A wide variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), each dedicated to a specific academic topic from mode specific policy and modelling, to solutions for climate change and disaster resilience. For a full list of SIGs see
  • A free on-line subscription to the Society’s two Journals: Transport Policy and Case Studies on Transport Policy
  • On-line access to the proceedings of past conferences
  • Liaison with some 30 partner journals, which publish the best conference papers
  • Outreach to international organisations such as the International Transport Forum, World Bank and UNFCCC conferences
  • WCTRS Young Initiatives including the WCTRS-Y Conference, grants awarded to young researchers, and dedicated newsletters and job information
  • Opportunities to contribute to the planning of a future World Conference through participation in Special Interest Groups and other Society activities

Subscription conditions

  • Please complete all sections of the application form below and forward it to the Secretariat at the address shown, or email it to;
  • Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to the account shown.  However, if this causes any problems, please contact the Secretariat to discuss other options;

Individual membership application fees (for membership until 31 May 2019)

  • General membership – $150 USD

  • Members from developing countries reduced fee – $90 USD

  • Student reduced fee – $60 USD

Membership Application Form 2015 to 2019


2.   Organisational Membership

Over the years the Institutional (Corporations, Research Institutions and Universities) association with WCTRS has been largely limited to voluntary attendance and sponsorships at the World Conference every three years. Considering the involvement of a large number of Institutions in every aspect of transport and also their role in tackling the issues around climate change and atmospheric pollution, WCTRS would stand to gain if there was a closer interaction with institutions associated with transportation. It is with this thought in mind that WCTRS is introducing the concept of Institutional Membership.  This is envisaged to be of two types:

A.    Research Organisational Member (ROM)

Fees:  Equal to 8 individual memberships at developed or developing country rate
Eligibility: Research Organisations and Universities (not for profit organisations)
Timing:  To avoid complication with registration through the CMS for Shanghai, the secretariat would invite appropriate organisations to become organisational members after the conference, and charge them the difference between the fee and the individual memberships already paid

  • Name to be listed under ‘Organisational Members’ on WCTRS website
  • Opportunity for the Organisation to nominate up to 10 persons as members
  • Nominated persons will enjoy same privileges as individual members.

B.     Supporting Organisational Member (SOM)

Fees:  $3,000 for a three year subscription (Members can choose to pay in instalments of $1,000.00 per year)
Eligibility:  All institutions and organisations

  • SOM name to be listed under ‘Supporting Organisational Members’ on the WCTRS website
  • SOMs can nominate up to 2 persons as members, each of whom will enjoy the same privileges as regular members
  • SOMs will have the option of displaying their logos at the bottom of the WCTR website and on WCTRS conference material
  • SOMs are eligible for a free booth at the WCTRS Conference
  • SOMs are entitled to sponsor Named Bursaries at $1,000 per bursary

SOM Application Form V3 June 2016



WCTRS President:  Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi

Jennie Stones – WCTRS Secretariat (
Institute for Transport Studies
34-40 University Road
University of Leeds
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